Airport Solution

Airport Solution

As air travel has become more convenient and affordable, it is an increasingly popular mode of travel domestically and internationally. Commercial airports are frequented by millions of passengers who arrive, depart, and transit around the clock, and they rely on airport services that are fueled by technology. IT infrastructure, especially networking, plays a key role in keeping people connected and transferring data from different applications in the most efficient manner for the most optimum passenger experience. A recent survey by TripAdvisor showed that almost 90% of airline passengers use mobile devices and expect to stay connected to the internet while they’re travelling, especially at airports. Having an efficient network management system is, therefore, crucial for the smooth operation of airports, from passengers to airport and airline staff.

Problem and Challenge

A airport network infrastructure must be designed in such a way that it is capable of fulfilling the needs of airport stakeholders, covers all areas of the airport, is available 24×7, and runs smoothly. This also requires a substantial investment in network equipment. Some airports rely on thousands of pieces IT equipment including switches, routers, wireless access points for strong WiFi coverage, and hundreds of servers necessary for operating software and applications. At times, the software applications use different databases. In addition, IP Surveillance systems also play an important part in maintaining airport security. Many airports have tens of thousands of IP cameras installed, covering virtually every inch of the airport to ensure the safety and security of all passengers. The investments in these IP surveillance systems at airports are thought to be as high as the surveillance systems of a medium sized city.

The management and maintenance of all this equipment can be highly complex and time consuming. One of the biggest challenges for airport providers or network administrators is knowing the inventory of all of the equipment installed. Data about the makes, models, and locations of the equipment is crucial in helping administrators deal with an incident, while remaining aware of the status of each piece of equipment, the threshold settings, any alerts, alarms, or notifications. Finally, it is important that systems be in place to allocate human resources to resolve network problems in a timely manner.

Ensuring network performance for a large amount of equipment is a challenge for network administrators. The sheer size of the network and the many connections involved means that making sure data is transferred from one point to the next completely and accurately is no easy task. Network administrators need to know when there is a delay at any point within the network. They also need to be able to analyze user behavior to ensure the integrity and safety of the network. This data is crucial when planning network expansions to facilitate future demands. Other challenges also include how to handle network failures and how to get the system operations back to normal quickly without causing any disruptions.

NetkaView: an integrated solution for effective network management

NetkaView is capable of managing an entire IT infrastructure in one console, covering all equipment from switches, routers, servers, databases, OS, wireless access points and IP surveillance. Within as little as five minutes, the network operators can find out the inventory of network equipment, their makes, models, numbers, locations, and real-time statuses. When an incident occurs, it can be resolved quickly and accurately.

The NetkaView solution also features a tool that analyzes individual network user behavior according to IP address. It can pinpoint where the user is located and the websites and applications that are in use. The software is also equipped with analytic tools for network performance that allows it to pinpoint any network bottlenecks, network latency, and jitters. This helps administrators to monitor the quality of the service parameters in real time. NetkaView facilitates an efficient traffic flow of bandwidth, ensuring appropriate usage levels for each data type or application. In case of network delay, NetkaView can quickly perform an inspection to help discover the cause. Having an ability to check the network quality and delays quickly not only ensures smooth network operation, but also an enhanced user experience.

Take network security to the next level with NetkaView, which can be connected to an IP surveillance system. Typically, IP surveillance systems are managed separately from the network, causing difficulty for administrators. When network problems occur, IP cameras fail to function properly. NetkaView offers seamless connections to the IP surveillance system, allowing administrators to know in real time which IP cameras are not functioning properly. They also have the ability to view footage filmed by each camera while it’s in use, with the click of a mouse. Thanks to this, any security issues can be detected and flagged in real time, so that responses can be made quickly and effectively. NetkaView is a useful tool that can protect the safety of passengers and their belongings, as well as airport service providers and other personnel, while upholding the reputation and integrity of the airport.

In addition, NetkaView can perform polling quickly, helping to minimize investments in servers traditionally used to carry out the function. The software also features redundancy operation, ensuring that the back-up system quickly and seamlessly kicks in when the network fails. This prevents business disruptions.

Maintaining superior services with NetkaQuartz

NetkaQuartz is the perfect solution for handling any hardware or software problem, ensuring that incidents are resolved quickly and the SLA is honored. A ticket is issued for each individual problem, and then distributed to the responsible agent. The built-in knowledge management system provides solutions for problems that can be used to fix similar problems in their initial stage. Other features help to notify involved stakeholders and follow up on the problem fixing and resolution status.

NetkaQuartz enhances the effectiveness of resource management, offering functions that help agents work more efficiently. For example, the Skill Matching function facilitates the work distribution process, while the agent database divides agents into groups according to their skills, and the Resource Available function notifies when an agent is ready receive a new case. All these functions work together to ensure that problems are solved quickly and accurately.

NetkaQuartz also offers Change Management features that help organizations plan and manage IT-related risks. The software can be seamlessly integrated with NetkaView and is also ITIL certified. When a network issue occurs, a ticket is automatically sent to NetkaQuartz, thereby shortening the time it takes to solve the problem while avoiding any business disruptions, and reinforcing confidence for airport service providers and passengers.