Cloud Solutions

Manage Cloud Computing effectively with our customer-oriented server management solution

The Netka Solution features a complete server management integration for cloud computing service providers.

As computer usage demands continue to grow exponentially, one effect is an increase in the amount of server capacity and accompanying maintenance that is required. More businesses are turning to cloud solutions as a way to curb costs and keep maintenance of software and hardware systems to a minimum. Ultimately, cloud solutions can play a key role in keeping organizations running smoothly.

Cloud Computing is a new IT business model that provides a perfect solution for data processing and storage. The solution has the capacity to be adjusted to serve different business needs, is customer-oriented, and can significantly improve and enhance IT management. Currently, a number of different types of Cloud solutions are available, including Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Storage, Cloud Platform and Cloud Application. Cloud solution providers must choose the Server Management Solution that best fits their customers’ IT needs.

The extremely customer-oriented Netka Solution is trusted by several leading Cloud providers. It features a complete server management integration with an extensive range of features that create real business value. For example, the Service Provisioning feature through the NetFlow Module ensures accuracy in report generation, allowing you to analyze your customers’ needs and offer the most suitable services. Also, the Site Environment Module helps regulate a data center’s room temperature, humidity and air conditioning system automatically, while the Satisfaction Survey feature allows your customers to rate your services via a smart phone. The solution also features e-mail and SMS alerts that notify network managers of any incidents or potential incidents, such as Server Utilization warnings. Finally, the Netka Solution provides agentless software installation, allowing for a more convenient and efficient installation method.