Network Management

Network management system tools for a fast-changing business landscape

Our network monitoring software with multiple add-on modules features a fully-integrated web-based platform to control all parts of your network, no matter how large or complex

Thanks to the rapid growth in technology, networks are becoming increasingly complex. Having an effective network management system in place is, therefore, of the utmost importance, as it helps to ensure the network operates smoothly and efficiently, with an uninterrupted user experience. Our network management system helps administrators keep abreast of any glitches that occur within the system, analyze problems and resolve them in a timely manner.

NetkaView Network Manager

Carrier grade IT Network management software that is powerful, scalable and user-friendly.

Site Environment and Monitoring

Monitot unmanned data centers and off-site locations, with the ability to control devices and alarms.

Network Performance Monitoring

Network performance monitoring tools for the Network Manager and Server Manager solutions.

Smartphone Mobile Applications

A variety of smartphone apps giving you the ability to monitor networks anytime, anywhere.

Bandwidth on Demand

Users can access a self-service portal, see bandwidth usage and request upgrades or downgrades.

Diagram & Dashboard

Gain a better view of your network with mapping tools and automatic network scanner features.

Inventory Management

Manage your valuable network inventory efficiently and cost effectively, with automatic discover.

Event Management

Event monitoring for proactive network management, with event correlation and root cause analysis.