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IP cameras have become increasingly popular in recent years because, when compared with their analog counterparts, IP cameras have superior performance, better picture clarity, more reliable network connectivity and are more affordable. For these reasons, IP cameras are widely used for security and surveillance purposes for both businesses and residences. Because IP surveillance systems typically involve many cameras, efficient network management and data transfer are necessary to ensure effective operation. Most organizations’ IP surveillance systems have a separate dashboard specifically for managing the cameras. Plus, different brands of cameras require separate management systems that are then connected to the central network. This redundancy leads to higher management costs and has a negative effect on a surveillance system's efficiency.

NetkaView Network Manager is an intelligent solution for managing IP devices, including switches, routers, DSLAm, WiFi, Firewalls, Virtual machines, databases, MSAN, FTTx, sensors and IP surveillance as well. The software system combines network management and IP surveillance management capabilities, allowing administrators to perform a variety of related tasks more efficiently and effectively. NetkaView’s key advantages in terms of IP surveillance systems are:

  • The Ability to monitor and see all installed IP cameras on a GIS or campus map. Network managers are able to view the status and performance of the cameras, which are displayed in green or red depending on their status.
  • Connectivity with a central network, allowing for streamlined management and operational processes. The NetkaView dashboard displays the IP cameras’ connectivity to the network, and with one simple click of a button, administrators can view and zoom in on images from the selected IP camera. The quality of the images matches that of the IP camera’s specifications.
  • As security surveillance requires that the image and sound quality are of sufficient quality, NetkaView features many tools that ensure effective data transfer. This includes:

    • QoS, which prioritizes data and manages the bandwidth
    • Network performance measuring tools for network latency, jitter and packet loss
    • DPI tools for deep inspection of network latency with an ability to pinpoint the exact location of network slowdowns in real time with history logs feature, which allow network managers to pull up data from any point in time.

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