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It is becoming increasingly important for businesses as well as government offices - especially those in larger cities - to install an efficient surveillance system to ensure safety and security. Surveillance technology was previously an analog system. However, with technological advancements in recent years, surveillance cameras are now digital and use IP technology, giving them a much superior quality over their analog counterparts, with higher resolution images and enhanced audio recording.

However, most surveillance systems control the IP cameras remotely and require several types of network equipment to send the audio and video to the control center. Most IP cameras come with their own pre-installed software. This can make it difficult for the cameras and the surveillance system to connect in a seamless manner, requiring the system controller to access the network screen to manage the network, then access the camera system screen separately. As a result, the system controller is unable to be as time-efficient and there is a lapse in security.

This problem, however, can be resolved using NNM software, which allows for the management of IP surveillance camera systems via a single console. The system controller is able to manage both the network equipment and the IP cameras that are connected to the network via one single console. Using NNM, administrators will be notified in real-time of the cameras’ status and are able to fix problems quickly and accurately, or step up security in particular areas where the cameras are not operating. The software also gives the controller an ability to watch what the cameras are recording in real-time through a simple click on the NNM dashboard, maximizing the efficiency of the system and enhancing security. NNM is compatible with several brands of IP cameras and works with each camera’s unique features such as pan, tilt, zoom, threshold settings to send alerts, and the gathering of traffic data for analysis and reports.

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