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Network management software, along with solutions for server monitoring and service desk support, to help you gain smooth business operations and higher customer satisfaction

Our product line is categorized into three groups: Network Management Software NetkaView, Network Manager (NNM); System Management Software, NetkaView Server Manager (NSM); and Service Management Software, NetkaQuartz Service Desk. All of these solutions provide excellent features, high usability and strong performance levels, and are able to meet the demands of companies in need of a large-scale network management system, but at a lower price. This is part of our commitment to offer “Intelligent Network Management Solutions” that are built for today’s rapidly changing business landscape.


Three end-to-end solutions to manage your entire IT system:
Network Server Service Desk

NetkaView Network Manager

An intelligent way to manage your network
  • Carrier grade IT Network management software
  • Easy network management at the touch of a finger
  • Powerful yet user-friendly concept and design
  • Multiple add-on modules for customizable solutions
  • Can be controlled via web, tablet or smartphone
  • Winner of multiple awards for innovation
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NetkaView Server Manager

Complete server monitoring and management platform
  • Easily manage servers using web-based dashboard
  • Help to keep server faults and downtimes to a minimum
  • Correlate Event feature for root cause analysis
  • Convenient agentless installation and updates
  • Fault Management and Performance Management capabilities
  • Fully integrated with Netka's NNM and NSD solutions
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NetkaQuartz Service Desk

Helping companies realize timely and efficient solutions to IT problems.
  • Full-feature ticketing system for IT service desk
  • Previous solutions recorded into knowledge database
  • Skills Matching to assign and dispatch personnel
  • Fully compatible with ITIL standards for IT Service Processing
  • Configuration Management functionality to check on equipment availability
  • Customer self-service portal and employee portal
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Add-on Modules Allowing for the ultimate customization for your solution installation

  • Event Management

    Gives administrators the power to view the status of all network devices via a centralized dashboard, and receive alerts about any potential problems.

  • Inventory Management

    Discover your network inventory automatically, identify and gather details switches, routers, servers, PCs, printers, cameras and other IP-enabled devices.

  • Bandwidth on Demand

    A self-service portal that allows subscribers to log-in and easily manage their broadband package and request and receive the services they require.

  • IP/SLA

    Assists in monitoring and verifying performance by automatic discovery of devices that transmit IP SLA and Real-time Performance Monitoring data.

  • Custom Map

    Shows a detailed diagram of each piece of equipment within the network, helping you determine the location of an error faster and more efficiently.

  • Visio Diagram

    Brings Microsoft Visio diagrams to life with interactive graphics and real-time status readings of network equipment and monitoring capabilities.

  • Site Environment

    Gives you the power to control unmanned data centers including electrical system, temperature, humidity levels and sensory devices.

  • Fuel Monitoring

    Provides an easier and more efficient way for mobile operators to manage the monitoring and refueling processes at unmanned locations.

Network Management Tools

Our network software with multiple add-on modules features a fully-integrated web-based platform to control all parts of your network, no matter how large or complex. Our system helps administrators keep abreast of any glitches that occur in the system, analyze problems and resolve them in a timely manner.

Network Performance Monitoring

To help ensure that your IT system is running at its highest performance level, we offer add-on network performance monitoring tools and modules for the Network Manager and Server Manager software solutions, including traffic flow analysis, QoS parameter monitoring, IP SLA monitoring and network performance analysis.

Diagram & Dashboard

The ability to accurately locate faulty network equipment helps administrators determine the cause of problems and resolve it quickly. Our solution features interactive tools including a Topology Map, Heat Map, Custom Map, Visio Diagram, Google Map and a central dashboard that help locate network problems accurately and efficiently.

Site Environment and Monitoring

We offer solutions for remote monitoring of servers, network devices and IT equipment, particularly for unmanned sites and data centers. The NNM Fuel Monitoring and Site Environment modules enable administrators to control access to devices and alarms, and provide monitoring and fault management for sensors, dry contacts, fuel levels or any electrical devices.

Performance Monitoring

Our software solutions for system management provide functionality for a number of server-based business operations, from Data Centers to virtualization and VMware providers, Cloud businesses to Web hosting firms. Solutions include server performance monitoring, networking virtualization and database performance management, to manage server infrastructures remotely 24/7.

Service Management

Our Service Management solutions ensure that high-quality IT services are delivered in a timely, professional and efficient way. The NetkaQuartz Service Desk is our web-based software solution for efficient service management for call centers and help desks. The NSD solution was designed and developed to be aligned with ITIL Framework for IT service processing.

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About Netka System

At Netka System, we provide Intelligent Network Management solutions. Our range of software product includes network management, server management and service management for enhancing customers’ business competitiveness.

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