Custom Map Network Mapping Tool

Network mapping software that pinpoints the location of equipment down to the rack level

Custom Map

The Netka Network Manager Custom Map displays a detailed diagram of each piece of equipment within the network, helping you determine the location of a network error much faster and more efficiently.

In large buildings or campuses in which there is a large amount of network equipment, a common problem is locating the switches or routers that are causing network errors. Having the ability to quickly and accurately locate the equipment in question can help network administrators shorten the time spent on root-cause analysis and solve problems more quickly.

The Netka Network Manager Custom Map helps administrators determine the location of a network error. By uploading a map, blueprint, floor plan and rack layout into the system, the Custom Map will display a detailed diagram of each piece of equipment and their connections to other devices within the network. It will also display the working status of each device as being either green or red. When an error occurs, the Netka Network Manager Custom Map will display the interface and node in red, meaning that there is a connection problem between the source equipment and terminal equipment or a device that is not operating normally. The map can be displayed on the campus, building or floor level, and even down to details about the equipment in the rack. Further information such as model type and serial number helps network administrators to quickly locate and obtain more details about the equipment, so that the problem can be solved promptly and accurately.

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