Application Performance Analytic

Gartner Inc. defines application performance monitoring (APM) suites as one or more software and/or hardware components that facilitate monitoring to meet three main functional dimensions: (1) Digital experience monitoring (DEM) (2) Application discovery, tracing and diagnostics (ADTD) (3) Artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) for applications. Gartner continues to include DEM and AIOps for applications as components of our APM suite evaluations, while also evaluating them as a separate market.

The Application Performance Analysis solution is a Netka’s solution for analyzing network delays. When a delay or latency issue occurs within a network, the solution will detect it instantly and identify whether the problem is caused by the network, another system or the application itself, and will also indicate the IP addresses and users affected. This information is then used by network managers and engineers for network performance analysis and fixing latency problems quickly to keep networks running smoothly.

Network problems pinpointed by the tools are displayed via a color-coded system according to severity level. Network administrators and company management can therefore recognize the importance of an issue more quickly and analyze the problems in real-time. Data about network latency problems are also recorded and stored for future reference, which helps administrators to investigate reports of delays that occurred at a previous time and implement preventative measures to ensure the issues do not resurface.

Application Performance Analytic
Application Performance Analytic



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