Environment Sensors

As part of network management, network owners are required to prepare a specially controlled environment in which the data center is placed, as well as a steady source of power to ensure that the equipment will continue functioning smoothly even when there is power outage. The environment that allows for optimum network performance must adhere to certain standards, such as an average temperature, humidity control in the data center room, maintaining fuel levels for power generators in the event of a power cut, and ensuring proper water levels in the sprinkler system in case of fire, to name a few. These details may seem minor, but they are incredibly important for the longevity of the network equipment as well as the stability and safety of the network. What most network administrators face is a lack of data of the aforementioned requirements, as well as the capability to utilize the information to analyze the sources of the problems with the data center.

NNM Site Environment Monitoring can provide the essential data relates to monitor and control multiple power sources at the sites such as the electrical system, fuel levels of power generators, temperature, humidity levels, air flow, IP cameras, and sensory devices controlling entry into the data center by complying and summarizing all the data onto a dashboard information display with a map of all equipment and locations of the data centers. The dashboard display also shows the temperature levels and humidity levels by date and month, allowing administrators to effectively manage the air conditioning, lighting systems and temperature control as well as history logs, so that problems can be detected and fixed quickly.

In the case of IP cameras, when IP cameras show an unauthorized person is attempting to enter the data center, the administrators can remotely shut down the system and alert security personnel immediately. These can be helpful and protects data center security especially in unmanned location sites.

Environment Sensors
Environment Sensors



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