Internet of Things (IoT) Management Solution

Internet of Things (IoT) Management Solution

The Internet of Things (IoT) Management Solution, the technology which grow rapidly and being used in various industries e.g. service providers, retails, healthcare, small businesses, household and etc. Devices, sensors and software will exchange data via the internet, means those devices could be managed remotely. Many firms innovated new business models bundling with the IoT technology and providing to their end customers. However, the feedback usually coming back on the complexity of controlling and managing those IoT devices as well as security and privacy of the data transferring over the internet. To respond to these challenges, NetkaView IoT solution includes the devices/sensors communication module, edge computing IoT gateway by using standard protocol MQTT.

NetkaView IoT has been applied to the remote site management, power, smart city, lighting, water management, smart energy, smart manufacturing, engineering machinery and etc. The NetkaView IoT will be a part of customer’s digital transformation era.

IoT Sensor

The Internet of Things (IoT), the technology which grow rapidly and being used in various industries.

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the company would continue to focus on expanding its current customer base for its core services while investing more – particularly in the expansion of the data centers – to prepare for growing customer demand for digital content consumption and other opportunities

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