IT security Compliance

Security and IT compliance, must not be overlooked. They can impact to your business and reputation if some anomaly taking place. SIEM system and centralized logger, like NetkaView Logger (NLG) and NetkaView Packet Analyzer (NPA), will be a part of your IT security policies, analyzing IT system, users’ activity, anomaly events and compliance reports.

NetkaView Logger (NLG) is a centralized log management solution that helps you to deal with large volumes of IT device-generated syslog messages. NLG supports log collection, centralized aggregation, long-term retention, log search and reporting.

NLG comes with real-time interactive web-based data visualization and Business Intelligence tools. The companies seeking IT compliance, detecting and identifying security events to reduce the impact of a security breach on your business. It is utilized to support IT infrastructure management in various areas e.g. Performance management, Traffic engineering, Flow analysis, Packet analysis, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Anomaly detection.

What's New and Highlights

  • Centralized log management
  • Real-time web based log monitoring and analysis
  • Real-time web based packet/flow analysis and data visualization (5 sec to analyze & display with minimum 1 sec data granularity)
  • Gain visibility & insight into your IT infrastructure for application & network performance, user experience and digital experience
  • Log retention support
  • Various log types support
  • Support agent-based and agentless log collection
  • Advanced event management include Event filtering, Event suppression, Event correlation
  • Custom log parsing
  • Custom Business Intelligent (BI) dashboard
  • Real-time log dashboards
  • Multiple predefined reports
  • Alert via Email and LINE application
IT security Compliance
IT security Compliance

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