Netka System

Maintain and monitor server and database environments with ease

System Management solutions including server performance monitoring, networking virtualization and database performance management allow you to manage server infrastructures remotely 24/7.

NetkaView Server Manager provides functionality for a number of server-based business operations, from Data Centers to virtualization and VMware providers, Cloud businesses to Web hosting firms. The system offers unlimited users and sessions, and is an important investment for server-based businesses due to costs savings from efficiency gains. Plus, due to the system’s scalability, system costs are reduced for future expansions to server infrastructures. Adding the Virtualization Management and Database Management modules will further enhance your ability to control your server infrastructure easily and conveniently.


NetkaView Server Manager

A server management software solution for network server monitoring via a central dashboard with real-time health reporting

Virtualization Management

Virtualization monitoring tools and solutions for managing several virtual machines from one console, with trend analysis reports

Database Management

database performance management and monitoring software to help control latency and plan for utilization spikes