A centralized network management system solution for telecommunications and internet service providers

The NetkaView Network Manager helps telecommunications and internet service providers manage networks that contain a diverse range of technologies and equipment by centralizing network management system within one spot.

Telecommunications and internet service providers are faced with growing and increasingly complicated demands from their clients. This has led to new service offerings such as public/private cloud, IT outsourcing and virtual office services. Also, new working cultures such as telecommuting and bring your own devices (BYOD) are adding to the complexity for service providers.

Therefore, it is imperative that telecommunications and internet service providers keep up with these changing landscapes by constantly improving their networks, introducing new technologies such as MPLS, VoIP and VPN, and equipping their networks with cutting-edge innovations from such leading brands as Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel and IBM.

Operating a network on different platforms and technologies can be challenging. Technical differences and a lack of interconnectivity between technologies or devices can lead to operational difficulties and potentially affect the overall quality of service. Such problems may even prevent a service provider from reaching its full business potential and become a barrier in remaining relevant in an increasingly competitive global business landscape.

The NetkaView Network Manager was developed to meet these needs of service providers. The solution helps in the management of networks that contain a diverse range of technologies and equipment, using Standard Protocols such as SNMP, Telnet, SSH and ICMP to manage IP devices by different manufacturers, and centralizing network management within one spot, thereby making it easier and more convenient for operational teams. In addition, NetkaView Network Manager is capable of collecting data from all connected devices at a speed of 100,000 interfaces per five seconds.

The iOS Module allows operators to manage the network from anywhere and at any time via a smart phone, thus leading to improved customer service.

With the three integrated solutions – NetkaView Network manager, NetkaView Server Manager and NetkaQuartz Service Desk – technical problems can be solved before the network manager or service user even becomes aware that a problem existed.

Our commitment to providing technological excellence and developing customer-oriented solutions has made us a trusted partner of leading organizations in Thailand including TOT, CAT, True, UIH and Symphony, within just the last five years.