Term And Condition

NDPP Cloud offering

  • We provide a complimentary 7-day trial period, after which your credit card will be automatically charged as per our policy.
  • Prices are subscription (as a Service) for annualy subscription
  • These are prices for end user (NetkaMart) only
  • These prices are standard packages offering, NO customization services included.
  • Please note that only one subscription to the Cookies Banner Package from Netka Data Privacy & Protection (NDPP) is permitted per domain.
  • Customization services may offer as the optional service
  • This price is not included VAT 7%.
  • The service provider shall not assume any responsibility for fines or compensations if users are defrauded by external individuals with no relation to us.
  • Prices are NOT included additional services such as migration, master data (additional scopes must be discussed)
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