Whistleblowing / Complaints

Netka System Co., Ltd. (“The Company”) has arranged the whistleblowing policy, the tool to assist the company to be informed of the complaints on illegal action, rules and regulations or the business ethics that pursue the damage on company from both internal employee and external people.

The Company has realized such importance and determined the path on whistleblowing or complaints from stakeholders through the following channels

Scope of Whistleblowing and Complaints Procedures

  1. Any actions that are against the law and government rules and regulations or business ethics and the company rules and regulations
  2. Any actions that may imply on corruption or any actions that seek for someone’s benefit or others’ such as misappropriation, corruption, fraud
    Channel for Whistleblowing and Complaints Procedures

Whistleblowing / Complaint Channel

You can report clues or complaints to the Chairman of the Audit Committee through the following channels:

By Post

by specifying the front of the envelope to the recipient

The Chairman of Audit and Risk Management Committee

Netka System Co.,Ltd
1 Soi Ramkhamhaeng 166 Yeak 2
Minburi, Minburi, Bangkok 10510


The Report of False Information

In case the report of information has been proofed falsity due to the distorted intention or the accusation of others, the person who provides such report will be considered an infamous of the company conduct.  The punishment will be adhered in accordance with the company rules and regulations and/or the provision of relevant laws.

The Protection of the Whistleblowers or Complainants

The Company will confidentially collect the information received from complainants or whistleblowers and will resolve the problem with care and cautious, not impact with the complainants or whistleblowers or the work duty of the complainants and the employees who send the complaint, complainants, disclosures or the fact of evident will be protected not to receive any impact on the work duties from the offenders However, this channel is used only for whistleblowing and receiving complaints, illegal action or business ethics and the company rules and regulations and corruption.  The Company will not consider any complaints regarding product quality, service or maintenance, you can contact The Chairman of Audit and Risk Management Committee
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